We helped 1000 Norwegian companies find flexible warehousing for a fraction of the price.

Speiz provides the most comprehensive market overview enabling you to find & rent the optimal warehouse for your business.

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How does Speiz work?

With seamless user experience enabling customers to evaluate and make the best decisions.

Step 1

Submit your warehouse needs by filling out a form

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Step 2

After a few days you will receive your Speiz account information with the total market overview (TMO) and proposed optimal warehouses for your business

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Step 3

Review, evaluate and agree with suppliers all in one dashboard

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No-brainer choice when looking for a warehouse

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Sounds too good to be true?

Here is what some of our clients say.

"Using Speiz we were not only able to find the perfect space, we could also easily compare options in the market and the process was quick and easy to go through!”

Jose Rei
Country Manager, Bolt Norway

"We are very satisfied with the service Speiz provides.”

Janne Herstad
Head of sales, Avantor

"Through Speiz we found warehousing space in the exact location we needed in a foreign country, even though there was no available options in the open market.”

Sergio Guiterrez
Project manager, Elecnor S.A

"We have now entered into our first lease agreement [through the Speiz platform] and the end result is also a great community initiative.”

Andreas Juul Røsjø
CEO, Møller Eiendom AS

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