More into details about the platform

Speiz database consists of more than 14,500 spaces which are all easily available to you through the platform. Search among both large and small real estate companies. A couple of keystrokes is all it takes to enter your search criteria and find a match that suits your business.
When your search results in one or more matches, you can easily jump into a dialogue with the landlord. Furthermore, you can book a viewing time that ends up in your calendar and sign a lease agreement digitally on the platform as you find the space.

3D viewing

Save time when you need to find storage space for your company. With our 3D view, you can examine the entire area and measure distances before you decide to spend time on an in-person viewing

Exclusive warehouses & spaces

See areas on the platform that are available exclusively through our network. Get in touch with the landlord and receive the information you need firsthand.

Centralized communication in one place

Have all communications in one place and avoid dialogues through multiple channels. Keep a simple record of your conversations with landlords regarding the spaces you are interested in.

Fully digital experience of contract signing

Once you have agreed on the terms of your lease, the contract will be sent to you for review. You then simply accept, sign, and get your signed copy back.

Support from the market experts

Our market experts are always ready to assist with any information and answers your questions. You should feel safe throughout the customer journey at Speiz.


The tenant we got through Speiz is also a good community initiative
Andreas Røsjø
With Speiz, we not only found the perfect area for our business, we could also easily compare the opportunities in the market and the process was simple and fast!
Jose Rei
Country Manager
By using Speiz, we found exactly the area we need for our operations in Norway, despite the fact that there were no good alternatives on the open market.
Sergio Guiterrez
Project manager

Why Speiz?

Save time

You no longer need to spend unnecessary time on advertisements, countless phone calls, e-mails, and other inquiries.

Free rental process

Speiz's services are free for companies looking for space and there are no hidden costs.

Tailored to your needs

Do you have special considerations that must be taken? Speiz finds the areas that suit your company's needs.

Find the right match on the market

Speiz suggests your matches from a database of >14,500 areas. You have never had a greater overview.

First of its kind

Speiz introduces a brand new platform that revolutionizes the way you search for spaces. Everything is end-to-end digital and easier than ever. As tenant, you have never had access to as much property information as you get with us. Find a match among >14,500 commercial real estate spaces.

  • 14,500+ unique areas on the platform
  • 100+ unique real estate companies
  • More than 10 000m2 area rented through the platform

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Speiz?
As for today, Speiz is completely free of charge for tenants!
How to sign a contract for a space?
Speiz helps you identify spaces that suit your company's needs. After you make a decission to rent the area, it is up to you and the landlord to agree on the terms and conditions. Then, both sides sign the contract simply and electronically through the platform.
How to book a viewing with a landlord?
Once you are matched with a landlord, you can easily suggest a viewing time right in the chat. You will receive a confirmation of the time by email which you can easily add to your personal calendar.
What happens when I request information about a space via the platform?
Speiz automatically collects the information from warehouse owners so that you can easily get answers to your questions.
How can it be free?
As of today, we receive payment from landlords to help them find tenants, therefore we have chosen that the service will be free of charge for you as a tenant.
How do I increase the likelihood of entering into a lease?
Step 1: Fill in maximum information about your business when you are logged in to the platform. Explain how you are going to use the rented area. The more the landlord knows about your company, the easier it is for him to proceed in the process with you in particular.

Step 2: Consider whether you can change your search criteria or rental budget.
What do I do if I have questions along the way?
You can contact us via the page, the website or the platform with feedback or questions.

If it is urgent, you can try to reach us at:
Telephone: 40895107
How much does it cost to rent a space?
Rental prices are determined by a particular landlord. The rent depends on location, standards, and facilities. There is no clear price definition, but we are happy to help you with answers to your questions.

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